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Children's Dentistry

       We recommend a first checkup by 12 months old to make certain that teeth and jaw development are normal, and even more importantly so that parents and guardians know how to help their children be healthy from the start.

Guidelines for working with children

  • Parents / guardians are always welcome in the room
  • Comfort is always our concern
  • Parent / guardian consent and guidance are vital, before any procedure

First Visit
       We recommend a first checkup by 12 months. A simple guide for when to schedule a first visit:

  • No longer than 6 months after first tooth is erupted
  • At least by 12 months old
  • As soon as possible if you have any querrie

       There is a significant value for early well baby dental checkups. In particular, checkups for very young children address many concerns including teaching adults how to care for their child's teeth and gums, how to help their children learn to care for themselves, answering parents questions and concerns, and planning for future dental health.

Common Procedures Include

  • 2-Min Fluoride Application:
           For prevention from effects of chocolates; Colas; sticky foods on teeth.

  • Pit & Fissure Seals:
           Most recommended way of caries prevention by blocking deep pits & fissures of teeth.

  • Fluoride Fillings:
           for correction of cavities in milk& permanent teeth.

  • Orthodontic Assesment:
           opinion from specialist Orthodontist whether your child needs Braces.

  • Habit Breaking Appliances:
           For correction of bad habits like Thumb-sucking, Mouth breathing, Tongue –thrusting.

  • Space Maintainers:
           To allow permanent tooth to erupt in place if milk tooth has shed off or extracted early.

  • Scaling & Polishing Of Teeth:
           to prevent any gum problem.

  • Coloured Glittering Fillings:
           Latest Fashion Statement ! in fillings for kids.

A good oral hygiene instructions for childrens:

  • Even before the first tooth appears, use a soft, clean cloth to wipe your baby's gums and cheeks after feeding.
  • As soon as the first tooth appears, begin using a small, soft bristled tooth brush to clean the tooth after eating with a pea-sized amount of fluoridated toothpaste and helping them with brushing and flossing until 7 or 8 years old.
  • Do not mention words like “pain” or “hurt,” since this may instill the possibility of pain in the child’s thought process.
  • Permanent adult molars appear at the age of six that should not be mistaken for baby teeth they are meant to last lifetime.
  • Asking the dentist about sealant applications to protect your child’s teeth-chewing surfaces and about early childhood caries, which occurs when teeth are frequently exposed to sugared liquids.
  • Teaching them proper eating habits that would prevent dental diseases.

Working Hours :

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   Evening : 05:00PM - 09:00PM.
Sunday : By Appointment Only.

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